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Utilizing the art of pantomime, Karen performs a solo program under the character name of "Karina" that never fails to inspire and thrill children into writing a story! After watching Karen's entertaining stories come to life, students return to their classrooms to write stories of their own. She shows them how to express themselves with confidence and how to write a story about anything in the world by using their imaginations and their words!




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Anything can happen in a story and anything can be shown in mime!  Children are encouraged to express how a situation makes them feel and to imagine what happens next by putting themselves in another persons position.  Karen brings their stories to life through the art of pantomime and students discover unexpected fun while realizing that "it's ok to like mime!"



At the end of the day each child will have shared an exciting, creative experience with others seeing their words come to life as they attend a tailor made performance of pantomime that keeps them interested and delighted for a full 45 minutes.  This program can help students find their voice!