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"A gifted mime artist"! So says Marcel Marceau of unique,world class mime artist Karen "Karina" Lorshbough. Introduced to the art of pantomime in ballet school at the age of 5, Karen was greatly inspired by the physical performances of Lucille Ball, Red Skelton, Dick Van Dyke and Marcel Marceau.

From Buffalo, New York, Karen trained with the Joffery Ballet School, American Ballet Theatre School, Canadian Mime Theatre School, Claude Kipnis and Marcel Marceau. She went on to tour internationally with the Florida Ballet, the Israel Ballet and Opera, Theatre Mask Ensemble and the Claude Kipnis Mime Theatre performing numerous character roles on the concert stage. In 1996 Karen appeared on "Seinfeld".

Karen tours elementary schools throughout the United States presenting her very successful one woman educational program that encourages and thrills children into writing a story! Students write the stories and Karen in turn acts them out. If you blink an eye you can miss a joke - or discover profound humanity - in silence. Karen expresses herself with confident physicality and never fails to impress with her great sense of fun both physically and verbally. She inspires her audiences by showing what can be said without saying a word!